Swords and Souls Hacked Unblocked

Swords and Souls

Swords and Souls hacked is an entertaining flash game in the style of fantasy. It tells of a hero who goes a long way from a modest beginner to a formidable warrior, capable of defeating very strong rivals. The player himself creates his character, chooses his hair, look, hair color, beard. After creating the character, the hero loses the first fight in the arena and starts to train. From this moment begins the process of training the hero, he also has a funny assistant an instructor in the form of a living scarecrow.

The game has many opportunities, namely: pumping a character, skills, buying weapons and equipment, building a house, there is also a museum of player achievements. Battles in the arena occur automatically, the player only needs to learn skills. But in training the player needs to show some dexterity. For example, when pumping blows you need to press on a certain arrow in time, pumping the lock you need to rotate the shield with your mouse and beat off the heroes flying into the hero. The graphics in Sword and Soul are beautiful, the layout of the locations is very neat and looks good. The colors are calm, the soundtrack is pleasant and corresponds to a fantasy atmosphere