Subway Surfers Online Unblocked

Subway Surfers

This Subway Surfers online skate boarder accidentally broke a window with a football, and now an angry policeman is chasing him! Will you help him escape arrest in this racing game? His task is not to get caught by a policeman, evading trucks and driving under the rails on a skate board. During the escape, he can also collect valuable coins.
Tom's boy has a rather cheerful character. He is very agile and his passion is skate boarding. And he also likes to play pranks and tease cops. And today in the game Subway Surfers he decided to fool around and provoke the patrolman to chase him. We will help our neighbors to escape from the pursuit. After provoking the policeman our hero jumped on a skate board and rushed through the streets of the city. On his way, he is waiting for various obstacles that our hero needs to overcome. He can simply go round them, jump over or go under them. You can also use a different kind of springboard to make breathtaking jumps. Control the movements of the hero you will be using the arrows on the screen of the touch device or if you play from the computer using the keyboard. Over time, the pursuit will be joined by patrol cars, so gain speed and rush forward. On the way collect gold coins, they will give you points. On them in the store you can upgrade skate board or buy other bonuses that will help you in the game. The game Subway Surfers unblocked has a pretty bright and beautifully drawn graphics, as well as a perfectly thought out and dynamic plot. By opening Subway Surfers game on our site you can fool around and just chase on a skate board.