Skate Hooligans Unblocked Hacked

Skate Hooligans

Skate Hooligans - a universal means of transportation, because it can not only do various tricks, but also vvostvagatsya the city, as well as travel. But in the game Hooligans on skateboards, the guys use completely off-target. They rob banks and other places where there is a lot of money, and then skillfully leave the pursuit on skateboards. You are the leader of the gang, the cleverest and fastest skater. Each robbery, you think over to trifles, so everything turns out successfully. Remember, your skate is the best friend and helper that saves you from the police, so you need special care. After another chase, inspect it, change the wheels, wash and set aside. Most importantly - you can not use the same skate on all robberies, because this is a distinctive evidence. Buy new skateboards, upgrade them. You can install accelerators, or other gadgets that will help get away from the police. This little thug just broke a window with a ball, and now he has to run away! There is in fact an angry policeman who chases him: jump on the skate and try to sow it!