Clicker Heroes Unblocked Hacked

Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is a click-style game with extremely cute graphics. The game flash is designed on the web and you will easily experience this game. Game 2 will have the main interface. 1 monster interface and 2, Upgrade Hero interface.
In the monster interface, cute monsters will emerge. You have to click them several times. Each click will be a slash. And if the monster does not have HP, let the monster lose HP, you will disappear and you will get gold.
The upgrade interface allows you to hire different heroes with different powers. The power of these heroes is different, the higher the gold price of the hero, the stronger the hero. In addition, you can raise the Hero you hire to increase hero's power.
In addition, the game includes Achievements with more than 100 missions for you. You will also see a selection map at the top of the monster interface. The higher the level (from killing monsters), the more gold you gain.
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